Friends of Dorridge Village Hall in Association with Dorridge U3A present a:


on Saturday 3rd December 2011

in Dorridge Village Hall


Starting time 7.30pm

"An Entertainment for a Queen" - music and verse from the time of Queen Elizabeth.

Our programme will include music and readings from the time of Queen Elizabeth I and will be just the sort of entertainment she might have had at her court or during her Royal Progresses around the country. Herself a fine musician, according to contemporary accounts, she appreciated the skill and beauty in the works of others. As well as hearing music for the "Elizabethan Consort" of instruments (treble viol, bass viol, recorder, lute, cittern and bandora) that we know she enjoyed, there will be songs written for, or about her, and illustrated with poetry and readings by Shakespeare and others.

Mike Ashley - leader

Tickets: £10

Available from: